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The Benefits Of Made To Measure Wardrobes

One of the chief benefits of made to measure wardrobes is that they are just that -

made to measure

. In many houses and apartments today, bedrooms are much smaller than they once were. Large Victorian era houses that once contained just one family have been converted into apartments and flats with the result that what might once have been the maid's room is now the bedroom for a couple. So you now need storage for the clothes of two people in a room designed for one. Space is at more of a premium.

The result is that if you buy a free standing wardrobe it might simply be too bulky to fit comfortably into the bedroom. Not only that, but most free standing wardrobes come with doors that open into the room. This might trap you against the bed if the room is small. Furthermore, if you find a wardrobe that is small enough to fit into the room it is very likely that it just won't have enough storage space for all your clothes.

What can you do?

Of course, made to measure wardrobes are the definitive answer. You can have your wardrobe made so that it exactly fits the space that you have available. Therefore you can have something that not only uses all the space to its' fullest advantage, but you can utilise the space to ensure that you have maximum storage capability.

One of the big benefits of made to measure wardrobes is that you can choose to have sliding doors. Instead of being pinned back against the bed every time you want to get at a dress, suit or shirt, you can select the item of clothing you need in total comfort. Of course, you can also have sliding doors with full length mirrors attached which is something you do not often see with free standing wardrobes.

A full length mirror lets you see yourself exactly as others will see you, which gives you the advantage of being able to centre a belt, adjust a buckle or button here or there or just flick back your hair before you ever leave home. So the result is that you know you look good.

Another huge benefit of these made to measure wardrobes is that you can have them designed so that the storage space suits your lifestyle. If you have a hundred pairs of shoes you can have shoe racks fitted in the base of the wardrobe. Maybe you only have five pairs of shoes (or even less) so you can have drawers fitted in the base to take sweaters, and so on. What is certain is that you will make the best use of all the space you have in the bedroom.

You might have a top floor room in an old house which has a sloping ceiling under the eaves. Here again, made to measure wardrobes come into their own since you can have it designed to fit into this space.

Finally, if you have some artistic talent you can have your wardrobe made the way you want it. And if that includes a simple plain design or outrageous decoration that reflects your own personality then so be it. It might cost a little more than an off the peg purchase from a chain store, but with a made to measure wardrobe you can have whatever you want.