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Creating your own

Walk-In Wardrobe

Your closet holds many of your most necessary and valued possessions. Clothes, shoes, ties, hats, and other accessories are all waiting for you in your closet so that you can get out and start your day looking and feeling good.

However, if your closet is not serving its purpose well, and cannot handle all of your possessions, then you may end up spending a lot of time moving from one closest to another to find what you need to get on with your day. This is not only frustrating, but it can waste a lot of time in the morning or before a night out.

This is why a bespoke multifunctional walk-in closet can really benefit you and your life. It can be designed around you and your needs, as well as your unique available space. There are a few things that you need to consider before you can create your closet.

walk-in wardrobe

1. Do You Have a Ton of Shoes, Clothes, and Accessories?

Depending on how much you own, you may need a larger or smaller space. You don't want to cram a whole bunch of stuff into a small space and make it look messy, and you don't want to have too much space and make it look bare. Taking a good, honest inventory of your possessions will help you decide how much space you really need and what would, literally, be a waste of space.

2. What Will You Use Your Closet For?

Will you simply get your clothes and get out, or will you use your closet space as a fitting room for you and your family? Do you need to have your closet organized in a certain way so that you can easily and efficiently get what you need for the day? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself.

You are unique, and before you create your bespoke multifunctional walk-in closet, you will need to decide what your personal needs are. Doing so will also allow you to avoid creating a closet with fun, but unnecessary, extras. Keeping it realistic is what will give you the most bang for your buck.

walk-in wardrobe

3. Small Closet? No Problem!

You don't have to own a huge walk-in closet to have a great and useful closet. There are many ways to tailor a fitted bedroom wardrobe so that it can benefit you and your lifestyle.

For instance, if you can't spread your clothing out into noticeable sections, then you can use closet organizers to help you keep your individual sections apart, even though they are close together. This will give you the illusion of space and separation, and you will feel as though your closet is extremely organized.

In addition, larger closets do not tend to utilize all of the space vertically, but a smaller closet can take advantage of this space and make up for lost horizontal space. Even awkward spaces can be used by creating fitted drawers or baskets to store accessories in. The point is that you may need to get creative, but it can be done!

4. Decorate With Your Own Style

With the right kind of decorations, a closet can make you feel good. Creating a shelve or section for personal pictures or knickknacks can give your closet an energy of really feeling good and at home. If you have shelves in your closet, then you can use decorative baskets that fit nicely and hold your items. You can even use baskets that hold pictures on the front of them, and then put personal and uplifting photos into them for you to see every time you reach for an item.

walk-in wardrobe