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Things you should know before designing small living room area

Put a picture up here and put a knickknack up there. That is how most people decorate their living rooms. However, there is much more to decorating than putting a few things up on display. If you take into consideration other decorating essentials, then you can create an oasis that you can retreat to. You can also impress your guests with your flare to make a room more than just a room, especially if you have a smaller room to work with. Following are 10 things to take into consideration.

Bespoke Living Room Furniture

Pay Attention to Lighting

When creating a masterpiece painting or drawing, lighting is always taking into consideration, yet we barely think about lighting in our living areas. Lighting can highlight different areas of the room, or it can create a feeling of calm and relaxation or excitement and alertness. There are many different types of lighting that you can use. Spotlights can be pointed towards work of arts or even the fireplace to draw the eye to those areas. Candles, which are a source of light, can be used to give the room a romantic or relaxing glow. Various shades of lighting can make the room go from awake and alert to relaxing and comfortable.  Since a small room can instantly feel larger when bright, you may want to opt for brighter lights during the periods that you are not relaxing and softer lights during the periods where you just want to feel cozy.

Bespoke Living Room Furniture

Using Colors To Your Advantage

Remember Grandmas bright furniture? Well she may have known something that we have forgotten. Black and white may feel crisp and new, but colors can give you an illusion of having a bigger and brighter room.  For instance, light colors make a room look bigger, no matter what size it is. Not just light walls and ceilings, but lighter furniture, accessories, and even rugs can add to the larger, open feel. Dark colors absorb the light and make the room look smaller.  White is not your only option though; icy blues, cream colors, and softer greens can all give the illusion of a bigger room. Mix and match to create a space that is not only colorful, but also inviting, like Grandma's house.

Use Your Furniture Properly

Often time's furniture can hog the space in the room, and this can make it feel cramped and small. Following are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to furniture.

Don't Buy Furniture on a Whim

If you buy a couch because it is popular or on sale, then you may be doing your living room a disservice. It is important to use your space as wisely as possible and inappropriate furniture can make your space look smaller and boring. Buying furniture, such as bespoke furniture, can help you fill in your nooks and crannies that you couldn't otherwise use, and make the most of your space that you do have. Plus, it will give your room a unique look and feel. When it comes to home living, it feels good to stand out from the crowd!


bespoke living room furniture

that is multi-functional. For instance, you can buy a coffee table or couch that doubles as a storage unit.

Keep the space in the room open by placing the largest pieces of furniture against the walls.

Ensure that there is an open path from the beginning to the end of the room. If you block the path then it can end up feeling more like a cramped obstacle course that an open living room.

Do not block the view into the room with large pieces of furniture. This can give it a closed off and smaller appearance.

Do not cover up the floor! A wide-open floor will give the illusion of a bigger space, so make sure you don't litter the floor with furniture. You may even want to raise furniture if possible.

Use your colors wisely. Match certain pieces of furniture with the walls to blend the colors and create an illusion of space.

Play with illusions by placing your furniture at the end of the room at an angle. This draws the eye to the longer wall, which helps you to feel as though the room is longer.

Think vertically as well. Tall furniture can close off a room, so unless you want to feel like walls are closing in on you, then leave some room between the furniture and the ceiling, and the furniture and other furniture, so you can see the walls.

Another way to play with light is to use furniture that has space below it or is see-through. This will help light pass under, over, and help the room appear brighter and larger.