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How to create a home office you will want to work in.

How do you create an office that makes you want to get down to business and work instead of jump in front of the TV and sleep? How do you differentiate your office from all the other rooms in your house that represent comfortable living? Is there even a way? Yes, there is. Follow these design principles to create an office that makes you want to work.

Create a Work-Only Space

Whether you have a whole room, or a section of a room, make sure that is private enough that you feel as though you are 'stepping into the office'. Dividers may be needed if you have to section yourself off in a living room or other large room.


home office fitted furniture

that makes the most of your space but also speaks volumes about what the space is going to be used for. This means that you should not use living room furniture for your office, but instead use a desk chair, office lamp, and fitted work desk to create the feeling of a workspace.

In any office, the computer is how things really get done, and you need to highlight your computer to emphasize this fact. It should be the first thing you see when you walk into your office space, so that your mind instantly goes towards work. It should be out front on your desk, and you may want to highlight it with lighting.

Also, keep your space clutter free. By having your main work tools front and center, you will keep your mind focused on work. Store other things in cabinets or multifunction storage furniture so that your mind doesn't get distracted from your main goals.

Create an Area That Flows Well

The Feng Shui or feel of the room should make you feel good and in focus. There should be no distractions that take your mind off work. In other words, the feel of the room should reflect business to you and not clutter, confusion, or distraction. It should also feel very good to you when you enter the space.

Use your colors wisely, and remember that bright colors create a feeling of alertness and focus. Add extra light with stylish work lamps that make you feel good.

Some darker colors will be necessary so that the area doesn't wash out in a pool of light. For instance, a darker desk can help your attention go to your bright computer screen without distraction, whereas a bright desk can blend the two together and become a huge distraction.

By using the above principles you can help create an area that speak volumes about what it is supposed to be used for, and leave any confusion behind. This can equal more productivity and success during work hours.

Home Office Fitted Furniture
Home Office Fitted Furniture