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Kitchens and Bathrooms Cabinets

Bathroom Units and Kitchens

Bathrooms are a fundamental room in any house, so making sure that it is designed around you is imperative as you’ll want to have everything fitted for your own personal needs. Bathrooms are not always the biggest room in the house, so making sure that you can utilise the space given will be extremely beneficial and necessary. Creating bespoke wall units, bathroom cabinets, and other storage facilities is a great way in making extra space while keeping the room stylish.

Custom Made Kitchens

Our bespoke kitchens are a perfect complement to any home. Whether you are looking for a classic or modern kitchen, all our furniture is handmade at our state of the art workshops where we incorporate the joinery techniques with premium materials. Like all our other bespoke furniture, our kitchens are completed with a finish of your choice. Wooden veneers are a perfect way to create a classic look for your kitchen. A sparkling white finish can really produce a modern feel to any home. Our designers will have the experience to know exactly what is needed to make your kitchen perfect.

Fitted Bathroom Furniture for Your Bathroom

When designing your bathroom, you will want to make sure that you have all your design ideas set in place before you begin decorating. This will help give a clear indication to the designers of what you would like to be done when they start to draw up the plans. Depending on what you use your bathroom for, it is essential to know what bespoke furniture you would like created. If you will be using it more for getting ready and have a lot of products that you use, then having some great vanity units and bespoke storage spaces will perfect to suit your desires. If your bathroom is not very spacious, then installing mirrored cabinets and mirrored panes can help create an illusion of space and is also perfect for reflecting natural light, which helps generate an air of freshness and beauty in the morning.

Beautiful Bespoke Finishes for Your Bathroom

When your bathroom design is complete, choosing the right finish can really add to your fitted furniture, as it helps add to your own personal style and touch. Our finishes come in all different styles, meaning it will be extremely easy for you to pick one out that suits your exact taste. Having the ideal finish can really make a difference in making your ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one.

Other Bespoke Joinery from London Bespoke Interiors

Other than fitted bathroom furniture, our skilled craftsmen can create custom made furniture that can complement any room of the house. We have the knowledge and experience that can accommodate for any joinery work that needs to be done. Looking to have custom work done to your office or workspace or for your business to have custom bespoke furniture created? We would be happy to help! If you are looking to design a boardroom that represents your company and brand, then be sure to contact our design team today!