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Small bedroom design tips

A huge bedroom may be easier to decorate, but a small bedroom can bring a cozy atmosphere that a larger bedroom could never give. Following are some tips to help you decorate your space and it give it a feeling of being larger, yet still cozy. In fact, you can use the following tips in all areas of your house to bring a more live-in feel no matter which room you go into or how big it is.

1. Keep It Simple

The more you try to put into your small space, the more crowded it will look. Every item in your room requires a certain amount of space, and when you walk into your room, your eye instantly is drawn to the filled up space that makes your room look, and feel, small. Alternatively, if you remove all the clutter such as chairs, pictures, TV's, and knickknacks, then your room will appear to be larger because more space will be unoccupied.

While it may be hard to part with your rocking chair or other memorable and meaningful items, you will find that the space you receive is well worth the sacrifice. Since you will be spending a good portion of your life in your bedroom, you need to create a space that makes you feel good. Moreover, a bedroom that is simple yet functional will make you smile when you go to bed and feel good when you wake up.

2. Use The Right Type of Furniture

In a large space, you can buy whatever furniture you want, but large furniture can take up a ton of room in a small bedroom. Even a little furniture can use up a lot of room. Add a dresser, two nightstands, and a chair, and you can end up feeling as if you are walking around an obstacle course instead of a bedroom!

Fitted bedroom furniture

can give your bedroom up to three times more space. Custom furniture that is meant to fit every nook and cranny in your bedroom can help you use up unused space and make more room for you to live in.

Also, focus on buying furniture that is made with straight lines instead of a curved or bent design. This will add space in your room both visually and physically.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture
Fitted Bedroom Furniture

3. Store Things Differently

Just as fitted furniture can help free up space, using storage containers like under-the-bed drawers and multi-functional baskets or furniture can help you clear up space and keep things looking nice and tidy, which gives the feel of a larger space.

4. Don't Get Too Dark With Color

If you want a larger feel to your bedroom, then keep your colors light. Dark colors can make you feel like your room is closing in on you while light colors give you the feeling of an open and bright room.

Your walls, ceiling, and accents should be lighter colors while other things like your bed sheets or drapery can contrast with a darker color. However, you want your main color to be light so that your eyes are visually drawn to it and space is perceived.